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California Sand Fire Spreads Across 1800 Acres

Tens of thousands of California residents are facing blackouts and 125 area have been evacuated as firefighters work to slow one of the first days of fire season.

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Armed Neo-Nazis March With Police Protection During Detroit Pride Parade

The white nationalist protesters made Nazi salutes and reportedly tore up a Pride flag as the demonstrated at the Michigan LGBT event.

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Bernie Sanders Blasts Trump's 'Trade Policy Based on Tweets'

"What you need is comprehensive trade policies which represent the working people of this country, and not just the CEOs of large corporations," the 2020 presidential candidate said.

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Buttigieg, Warren Make Gains in 2020 Iowa Voter Poll, Biden Still Leads

Not a single Iowa Democratic voter listed either New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio or Miramar, Florida, Mayor Wayne Messam as their first or second choices.

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Mexican Ambassador Does Not Confirm Deal to Buy More U.S. Agricultural Goods

The ambassador would only say that she expects Mexico to import more American goods in the near future.

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NASA Mars helicopter

NASA's Mars Helicopter Passes Crucial Testing With Flying Colors

The helicopter was designed to demonstrate the viability of controlled, powered flight on other planets.

David Ortiz

David Ortiz Shooting Latest: Big Papi in Stable Condition After Surgery

The 20-season MLB veteran was shot outside a club in Santo Domingo on Sunday night but is recovering in hospital.

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon Talks About 'Gameness' Class He Will Teach

"In a dogfight, you say that dog's got 'gameness'" Bannon said. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Repudiandae, voluptatum.

Linda Fairsten

Publisher Drops Central 5 Prosecutor Amid Backlash

The controversy surrounding her role in the wrongful convictions was resurrected after the release of the Netflix series "When They See Us."

Kevin Mcaleenan

DHS Chief McAleenan Pressed to Describe Anything 'New' in Trump Mexico Deal

Kevin McAleenan praised Donald Trump for playing hardball with the Mexico tariff threats, says he forced them to make "real proposals."

Mississippi River flooding 2019

Mississippi River Hits Dangerous Flood Levels, Stalls Barges and Roadways

"Every day we come in and we've got a plan. But then it rains three inches somewhere overnight where it wasn't expected, and the plan changes," an angry transportation manager said.

US Embassy, Pride Flag

U.S. Embassies Fly Pride Flag, Despite Trump Administration Rejection

Find out which U.S. embassies have decided to proudly display the rainbow pride flag in honor of Pride Month.

Abortion Signs

Georgia, Alabama and Utah Prosecutors Vow Not to Enforce Anti-Abortion Laws

The lengthy letter, containing more than 42 signatures, states that the slate of new anti-abortion bills "fail to consider" victims of traumatic incidences.


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Iran Encourages Citizens to Spy and Report on Each Other Via Text

"What hardliners are doing is turning people against people. It's divisive and opens the door to abusive behaviors," one expert told Newsweek.

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How Much Would California Plan to Give Undocumented Migrants Medicaid Cost?

If the plan is approved, it could see as many as 90,000 low-income undocumented immigrants between the ages of 19 and 25 become eligible for Medicaid.

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Drug Charges Against Russian Journalist Dropped After Backlash

There were demonstrations against the incarceration of Ivan Golunov.

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Georgia Student Dies After Suddenly Collapsing During School Summer Workout

Officials are looking into whether severe dehydration or an undiagnosed heart condition caused 17-year-old Elyse Purefoy's death.

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Cruise Ship Stuck in Port After Climate Protesters Block Departure

The group, calling itself Smash Cruises**t, released a statement condemning the "catastrophic local and global consequences of cruises."

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Why Do We Yawn? Contagious Yawns Help Cool Down the Brain, Scientists Say

The temperature of the brain can change for a variety of reasons, including stress and sleep patterns.

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Boris Johnson Hung Up on Trump's Call, Thought It Was Prank

"Thinking quickly as I do, I said, 'To all our listeners on Radio Kilkenny, I was not fooled for an instant,'" Johnson said in an interview.

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All the TV Shows Premiering and Returning This Summer

The prime-time favorites are on hiatus for summer, but there's plenty of entertaining TV shows debuting throughout the season.



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